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Single-Acting, High Tonnage, Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder

and yoMaximum Operating Pressure (psi):  10,000



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HCL5012, 62 ton Capacity, 11.81 in Stroke, Single-Acting, High Tonnage, Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder

High Tonnage single-acting load return hydraulic cylinder with lock nut. For demanding high-capacity lifting applications that require safe mechanical locking for extended periods.

HCL5012, 62 ton Capacity, 11.81 in Stroke, Single-Acting, High Tonnage, Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder


Model: HCL5012   |  ECCN: EAR99    |   Harmonization: 8412210075
Series: HCL   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

HCL Series High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders feature a lock nut to provide secure mechanical load holding for extended periods. These single-acting load return cylinders contain fewer parts than other types making them simple to use and maintain.

All Enerpac High-Tonnage Cylinders are equipped with numerous special features to ensure the durability, safety, and performance needed for large-scale construction projects. Among these features are low-wear high-pressure seals, replaceable composite plunger support bearings, and a robust nitrocarburized finish on the body, lock nut and plunger.

  • Safe mechanical load holding for extended periods
  • Low friction lock nut spins easily, saving time and effort
  • Load return design - simple to use and maintain
  • Nitrocarburized surface resists side-loading and cyclic wear
  • Withstands 10% side-load up to 90% of maximum stroke
  • Overflow port as stroke limiter - prevents plunger blow-out
  • Weather protected, inside and out
  • Replaceable bearings support the plunger throughout the stroke
  • Certified lifting eyes
  • Base mounting holes included as standard.
  • Maximum working pressure up to 10,000 psi (700 bar)
  • Complies to ASME B30.1


Maximum Operating Pressure (psi):  10,000
Capacity Class (tonnage):  50
Maximum Cylinder Capacity Advance (short tons):  62
Stroke (in):  11.81
Collapsed Height A (in):  16.3
Extended Height B (in):  28.11
Return Type:  Single-Acting, Load Return
Plunger Type:  Solid
Material:  Steel
Cylinder Effective Area Advance (in2):  12.17
Oil Capacity Advance (in3):  143.78
Sideload Resistance of Maximum Capacity (percentage):  10%
Surface Treatment:  Nitride
Coupler:  CR400 Coupler
Weight (lbs):  94
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